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Juneteenth: Its History, and Motivation for Today

It would be wonderful if Juneteenth was a positive time of the year filled with joy and celebration, marking the end of what is arguably the darkest stain on American history. All Americans could celebrate the unique melting pot that is the United States.

[] Father God, thank You for the victory over the sin and stain of slavery in America. Thank You for answering the prayers of Americans in the 1800s who cried out to You for an end to slavery. You are a God who answers prayer....(more)


Non-Violent J6er Julio Baquero III, Diagnosed With Stage 4 Gastric Cancer While in the Gulags, Has Passed Away

"...Now we must go about navigating this new way of life. Life without Dad, life without my Honey, life without Julio, we must turn to God for strength and guidance..." -from Julio's GiveSendGo page

[] In April 2024, after being locked up since August 2023, J6er Julio Baquero found out that he had Stage 4 cancer and, fortunately, was granted compassionate release to go home and begin treatment....(more)

Kansas AG Sues Pfizer for Misrepresenting COVID Shot as 'Safe and Effective'

"Pfizer misled Kansans about the vaccines' risks, including to pregnant women and for myocarditis. Additionally, Pfizer claimed its vaccine protected against COVID variants, despite data showing otherwise..."

(Topeka, KS) — [LifeSiteNews....(more)

Moving Crews Train to Become Heroes in the War on Human Trafficking

"One person recognizing something that looks wrong and calling for help can save someone's life." -Jamie Bond Ciancio, a human trafficking expert at Place of Hope.


California Senate Passes AB 1955, a 'Government-Imposed Wall' Between Parent and Child

"Parents must be involved. That should be the default because who more than anyone knows what's best for their kids? Their parents. This all started with the state of California policy out of the Department of Education, and that's what we've been fighting back against. That's why we need to stop this legislation from moving forward." -Republican Minority Leader Assemblyman James Gallagher

[] Last Thursday, the California Senate passed (more)

ADF Again Goes to Bat for Cake Artist and Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner, Jack Phillips

"Free speech is for everyone. As the US Supreme Court held in 303 Creative, the government cannot force artists to express messages they don't believe. In this case, an attorney demanded that Jack create a custom cake that would celebrate and symbolize a transition from male to female. Because that cake admittedly expresses a message, and because Jack cannot express that message for anyone, the government cannot punish Jack for declining to express it. The First Amendment protects that decision..." -Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jake Warner


Democrat Insiders Reveal Possible 'Secret Plot' to Replace Feeble Joe Biden

"The only people who could force him out would be Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer," one Democratic strategist told "It would have to be the four of them collectively."

[] ...The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Florida Rep....(more)

'Call 911! Call 911!': Shocking Moment Couple Discover Baby Abandoned Near Walking Path

"I noticed two little feet moving and then my husband was right behind me with the dogs, and I yelled to my husband. I'm like, 'A baby, a baby!'..." -Daniela Fedele

[] A Texas couple were shocked Saturday while out for a family walk to discover an abandoned newborn baby with her umbilical cord still attached—a discovery that shook them to their core....(more)

German Study: Vast Majority of People Will Grow Out of Transgenderism within 5 Years

Researchers found overall that 63.6% of trans-identifying children and adolescents desisted from their clinically-confirmed gender diagnosis, and "only 36.4% had a confirmed [gender identity disorder] diagnosis after five years."

[] A massive, years-long study shows the overwhelming majority of young people who identify as transgender will grow out of the diagnosis within five years....(more)

Unbelievable: CNN Forgets America is a Constitutional Republic, Calls That a 'MAGA Conspiracy!'

[] ...[America's] Founders specifically rejected a pure democracy or direct democracy because they were concerned about mob rule. They wanted to protect individual liberties and minorities, they wanted a rule of law that would endure and protect those rights. Hence, while we can be called a representative democracy because the people elect their representatives—it is more accurate and specific to say a Constitutional Republic....(more)

Watch: Biden Freezes On Stage, Obama Escorts Him Away

[] Shocking video has emerged of ...Biden freezing on stage during a star-studded celebrity fundraiser in Hollywood [recently]. Former President Obama came to his side, grabbed his arm and escorted him off the stage. Do you really believe Biden is mentally capable of being the leader of the free world? Do you really believe that he's actually running the White House? Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Watch the video (more)

Texas Democrat Candidate Charged with Sending Himself Racist Messages

[] Taral Patel, a Democrat candidate for Fort Bend Precinct 3 Commissioner in Texas, has been arrested and charged with Online Impersonation and Misrepresentation of Identity after he allegedly sent fake hate messages to himself on social media. The Texas Rangers arrested Patel after he allegedly spent months sending racist and demeaning comments to himself while impersonating a "supporter of incumbent Republican Commissioner Andy Meyers," per Fox News... (more)

After Gantz Exit, Netanyahu Disbands War Cabinet

Discussions on the war will continue to take place in a small forum, which will include Netanyahu and three other former War Cabinet members.

[] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has informed members of his government of his intent to dissolve the War Cabinet set up after Hamas's Oct. 7 attack....(more)

It Just Got Harder for Democrats to Steal Michigan in November

"This RNC legal victory confirms the importance of mail ballot safeguards in Michigan's Constitution. The Secretary of State's covert attempts to sidestep these rules were rightfully rejected by the court, exposing that her attacks on election integrity have no substance." -RNC Chairman Michael Whatley

[] Michigan is a must-win state for Joe Biden. Currently, Donald Trump appears to be performing well in the sun belt, and assuming he sweeps Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, all he needs is one Great Lakes state to win....(more)

Diplomats Say Biden's G7 Behavior 'The Worst They've Ever Seen': [Watch]

[] ...Joe Biden, 81, is under fire for what many are calling his "worst ever" performance at the G7 summit in Puglia, Italy. During a photo op with world leaders, Biden appeared disoriented and had to be guided back by Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni after wandering off. Video footage shows Biden turning away from the group during a parachute display, prompting puzzled reactions. "Diplomaticsources here say this is the worst they've ever seen Joe Biden, and he's in a bad way," British journalist Harry Cole reported. "He's losing focus in meetings....(more)

William 'Lia' Thomas Loses Challenge to Rule Banning Him from Women's Olympic Contests

World Aquatics hailed the ruling as "a major step forward in our efforts to protect women's sport."

(Lausanne, Switzerland) — [] The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland has rejected gender-confused former University of Pennsylvania swimmer William "Lia"Thomas'bid to change World Aquatic rules to allow himself and other female-"identifying" male athletes from competing against actual women in major athletic competitions such as the upcoming Summer Olympics....(more)

5 Ways to Be Salt and Light during Pride Month

"Christians have to stop being cowards. [And] it's cowardly to support things you know are just so wrong. So find your backbone, find your Bible, and get out there in the public sphere." -Rosaria Butterfield, former lesbian, LGBT activist

[] As gratifying as it is to see big corporations and (more)

Supreme Court Delivers Unanimous Procedural Ruling on Abortion Drugs

"Women should have the ongoing care of a doctor when taking high-risk drugs. The FDA betrayed women and girls when it removed the necessary in-person doctor visits that protected women's health and well-being." -ADF senior counsel Erin Hawley

[] The US Supreme Court ruled Thursday that pro-life doctors do not have standing to challenge the (more)

Hezbollah Launches Record Missile Volley at Israel after Commander's Killing, Hamas Kills Ceasefire Plan

Hezbollah has hit northern Israel almost every day since its fellow Iranian proxy, Hamas, launched the deadly October 7th attack on Israel.

(Jerusalem Israel) — [CBN News] Northern Israel came under its worst Hezbollah attack since the start of the Gaza war Wednesday as Hamas made outlandish counter-proposals to the latest ceasefire deal proposed by the US, in effect rejecting it....(more)

Chicago Doubles Education Spending, Tragedy Ensues.

An entire generation of Chicago students is failing—and being failed by their schools and let's be brutally honest, by their families.

[] There are few things I enjoy more about this job than writing a good "hilarity ensues" headline about the latest lefty absurdity but when it comes to today's Chicago Public Schools (CPS) absurdity, the only word that will do is "tragedy....(more)

Southern Baptists Reject Formal Ban on Churches with Woman Pastors, Oppose IVF

Meanwhile, from a field of six candidates, the SBC also elected North Carolina's Clint Pressley as its new president.

[CBN News] In one of the most anticipated votes at their annual convention on Wednesday, Southern Baptist delegates voted down a measure that would have enshrined a ban on churches with women pastors in the convention's constitution....(more)

Hamas Appears to Reject US Gaza Ceasefire Plan as World Learns More about Sinwar's 'Dead Civilians' Strategy

[Dr. Mordechai] Kedar explained that dead Palestinians are part of Sinwar's strategy. It's why Hamas fighters embed themselves among the civilian population and why hostages are held in civilian neighborhoods. "Anyone who looks dead, and actually is dead can be photo'd, can be put on social media, can be reported, can cover all the media in the world. So, these people, in the eyes of Sinwar, are worth much more when they are dead compared to their value when they are alive," Kedar stated. It turns the world against Israel...

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [(more)

Biden Slammed after 8 Suspected ISIS-Linked Terrorists Cross US Border, Roam American Streets before Being Caught

[] ...The New York Post, which broke the story, reported that part of the investigation "featured a wiretap which revealed one of the now-arrested individuals was talking about bombs." Out of the eight suspects, at least two entered the US last spring, and one of those men used the Biden administration's CBP One app to claim asylum ... "I am not shocked this happened—we've seen this coming from a mile away," said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)....(more)

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Biden's Latest Amnesty Plan Will 'Normalize Lawlessness': Senator

"All of this is part of their goal to begin to legalize illegal immigrants before we get to November, because they want their votes, and they want them to count in the census." -Senator Marsha Blackburn

[] The Democratic Party took another step toward the goal of creating a permanent governing majority in the United States on Tuesday, as ... Joe Biden announced a mass amnesty for more than half-a-million illegal immigrants—a move one US senator said aims "to make certain that Democrats are in charge for the rest of our lifetimes....(more)

Dem-Majority FCC Helping George Soros Fast-Track Takeover of Nationwide Radio Network: 'This Is Scary'

[] ...[George] Soros, 93, pumped $400 million into Audacy in February, a network which reaches 165 million monthly listeners and includes a handful of conservative shows from hosts including Sean Hannity, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Erick Erickson. But their influence is likely to be muted if the billionaire takes over and imposes his agenda, as has happened with other media acquisitions ... "The FCC should not create a special Soros shortcut," [FCC Commissioner Brendan] Carr told The Post this week... (more)

Oregon Doctors Could Soon Lose Their Licenses for 'Microaggressions' Under Proposed Medical Board Rule

[] "America is the land of opportunity." "I believe the most qualified person should get the job." "America is a melting pot." Those are examples of harmful "microaggressions," according to Columbia professor Derald Wing Sue, lauded by Oregon's state government as a "microaggressions expert." Now, under a soon-to-be-finalized ethics rule from the Oregon Medical Board, doctors who commit "microaggressions" risk losing their medical licenses ......(more)

Celtics Head Coach, Joe Mazzulla Dons 'But First Let Me Thank God' Shirt Moments after Team Wins the Championship

[] Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla sported a shirt that read 'But First Let Me Thank God' across the front of it as he and his players celebrated winning the franchise's 18th championship on Monday night. Mazzulla, who speaks about his Christian faith often, wasted no time in giving praise following the Celtic's 18-point victory in Game 5 in Boston. The 35-year-old head coach wore a black crewneck throughout the series-clinching game and appeared to come fully prepared with his 'But First Let Me Thank God' shirt underneath... (more)

'Profoundly Wrong': Italian PM Stopped G7 from Promoting Abortion, LGBT Agenda

"The G7 is supposed to be looking out for the good of the international order, not jamming social policy through international agreements to be imposed on unwilling nations with quasi-religious fervor. It's a sign of the times that the West is now known for this, to our increasing shame." -Travis Weber, vice president for Policy and Government Affairs at Family Research Council


Ashli Babbitt Lawsuit against Feds Moved from San Diego to Washington DC – Assigned to Far Left Anti-Trump Judge Appointed by Biden

"Judicial Watch is seeking accountability from the United States government, that is responsible for that awful and unjustified shooting death." -Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton

[] Nearly three years after the protests on January 6, 2021, (more)

'Horrifying': ISIS Kills 80 Christians, Decapitating Victims in Democratic Republic of Congo

"Christians are forced to flee and some churches in the affected villages have closed as a result of the latest attacks. These unabated attacks come at a time when Christian farmers were preparing for harvest. The impact is that many families are without means to feed their families..." -Open Doors US CEO, Ryan Brown

[CBN News] ISIS has claimed responsibility for recent attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that resulted in the death of more than 80 Christians and the closure of several churches in the nation....(more)

Don't Let the Left Ruin Juneteenth's True Meaning

...It's a day of building up our country, not tearing it down. We have an opportunity to reject racial divisions and the revisionist history of the ivory tower...

[] This Wednesday, America will celebrate Juneteenth as a federal holiday for the fourth time. Yet the holiday, born out of bipartisanship, is becoming more divisive each year....(more)

Tennessee Bookstore Sets Up LGBT Grooming Table for Kids

Among the books for kids is one titled, "The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish"

[] A bookstore in Memphis, Tennessee is facing outrage from families and conservatives after they set up a table filled with LGBT materials and story books designed for children....(more)

'Holy Cow… I've Never Seen Anything Like This' – CNN Data Reporter Shocked at Trump's Level of Support with Black Voters

'I'm like, speechless...' -CNN's Harry Enten

[] A CNN data reporter was left stunned as he revealed President Trump's level of support with black voters, especially younger ones....(more)

Military Funding Bill Passes House, Includes Conservative Priorities

Republicans have sought to reverse the progressive Left's social engineering of the US military by disentangling it from abortion, LGBT ideology, and DEI practices.

[] The US House of Representatives passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 217-199 Friday, largely along party lines. Conservatives attached a number of amendments, which the mainstream media described as "culture war amendments," designed to keep social issues out of the military....(more)

Illegal Alien Arrested in Rape, Murder of Maryland Mother of Five

"The Biden Administration owes justice to Rachel Morin's family and to so many families across our country for allowing violent migrant crime to run rampant in our communities," Rep. Andy Harris, R-MD

[] An illegal alien from El Salvador has been arrested on charges of raping and murdering a Maryland mother of five....(more)

Nick Vujicic Visits, Inspires Israel's Wounded Soldiers 'For Such a Time as This'

"Even though it feels lonely to be Israel right now, I—as a US citizen—I'm very horrified at what we're allowing people to say without really understanding what's going on. We're talking about evil, we're talking about terrorism, we're talking about people that their only mission in life is basically to kill the Jews and the Christians. And I think it's a very important time for the Christians and the Jewish people to come together, to align, to pray." -Nick Vujicic

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [(more)

House Republicans Vote to Hold AG Garland in Contempt

"There's only one reason why the attorney general would [not turn over the audio tapes]. He doesn't want us to hear it. That's why. And there's really only two reasons why that would be the case—either the transcript doesn't match the audio, or the audio is so bad that he doesn't want us to hear it." -Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas

[] Father, following this vote, we ask for Your will to be done in the House, in the DOJ, and in Merrick Garland....(more)

Supreme Court Strikes Down ATF Ban on Bump Stocks

[] The Supreme Court handed down a decision on Friday in the case of Garland v Cargill, in which the justices ruled 6-3 that the federal ban on "bump stocks" is unlawful. The court ruled the "ATF exceeded its statutory authority by issuing a Rule that classifies a bump stock as a 'machinegun' under Section 5845(b)....(more)

Monstrous Massachusetts Bill Would Allow Moms to Sell Their Unborn Children to the Highest Bidder

The Parentage Equality Bill redefines parenthood on the basis of a "person's intent to be a parent of a child,' and 'in doing so, it strips all mention of mothers and fathers from parentage law, replacing these vital familial roles with gender-erased language."


TV Station Fires Staffer over 'Straight Pride' Post

The post, on her personal page, featured a meme with a newlywed man and woman that stated, "Celebrate Straight Pride," "It's Natural, It Has Worked for Thousands of Years," "And You Can Make Babies!"

[] An Ohio television station fired a longtime staffer after she posted a message on her personal Facebook page promoting heterosexual pride....(more)

On Flag Day, Remembering the Woman Who Sewed Old Glory into Existence

The Founding Fathers had worked on a design and colors for the first flag to represent their 13 colonies coming together to form a soon-to-be free nation. Each color meant something special to these Founders.

[CBN News] Flag Day, June 14, is set aside to celebrate the Red, White, and Blue. In these tumultuous, divisive times, it is important to know why the flag is celebrated and what those colors represent....(more)

Biden Vetoes Chance to Give US Troops a Pay Raise Despite Spending 7 Times More on Ukraine

[] The Biden Administration is facing intense criticism after shooting down a proposal to give US military troops a pay raise ... On the contrary, the Democratic administration recently just approved spending nearly seven times the amount to fund Ukraine's ongoing war with Russia....(more)

Biden's Migration Crisis Has Imported Venezuelan Gang 'Tren de Aragua' Crime Wave into US

[] American law enforcement agencies across the country are investigating at least 100 crimes perpetrated by suspected members of the vicious Venezuelan street gang named the Tren de Aragua ... Most of these criminals are slipping into the US because the Border Patrol is not stopping them ahead of time, and when they do stop them, by Biden's orders they are simply releasing them within hours to go on their way into the US ... officials say they are committing a series of crimes including murder and sex-trafficking... (more)

Artist, Worship Leader Files Lawsuit against Anti-Christian City Council in Spokane

"Mr. Feucht brings this action, not to vindicate his religious beliefs as they need no vindication. The purpose of this action is to vindicate Washington and the United States' Constitutions. This action also serves to secure the blessings of liberty, including free speech, association, and religion to the people of Spokane, Washington." -Silent Majority Foundation


Russell Brand Walks Readers Through 'Mere Christianity,' Will Tour With Tucker Carlson

[] New Christian Russell Brand is inviting people to read and discuss “Mere Christianity.” The English actor and podcaster, who was baptized in April, shared a photo of the C.S. Lewis classic on social media June 10 ... “Drop me a comment to let me know what you’ve been making of Mere Christianity so far.” Last December, Brand revealed he had been reading the Bible and Lewis’ book “The Problem of Pain.” In early 2024, he began mentioning his need for a personal relationship with God....(more)

Women's Sports Wins Huge Victory as Biden's Title IX Changes Go Down in Flames

Title IX pertains exclusively to biological sex, with no references to "gender identity," "gender expression," or any other weird concept radical left-wing gender ideology creates out of thin air. It's ironic because Democrats have often portrayed themselves as champions of women's rights. In reality, they're beholden to radical left-wing gender ideology and couldn't care less about the privacy, dignity, and opportunities of women and girls.


ICE Officers Ordered to Teach Illegal Aliens How to Easily Obtain Asylum Status

The signs provide illegal aliens with a list of things they can claim, such as being "hungry or thirsty," that will ensure that they'll be referred to an asylum officer and their "claim will be heard."

[] A memo from their director reportedly orders US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to take extreme measures to instruct illegal aliens on how to obtain asylum—and expands qualification criteria to the point that any illegal alien can easily do so....(more)

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