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Tucker Carlson: All the Right People in Washington 'Against' Trump's VP Pick

Carlson said Vance's enemies are establishment politicians who support US involvement in "pointless wars."

[] Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson told Republicans gathering in Milwaukee on Monday that Americans should "be thrilled" by Donald Trump's vice presidential pick....(more)


Consensus Agree: Trump Saved by Divine Intervention

"Let those who seek My life be frustrated and put to shame; let those who plan to harm Me fall back in disgrace." Ps.34:4


Sick: State-Funded LGBTQ 'Commission' Calls for Legalizing Teenage Prostitution, Lowering the Age of Sexual Consent, and More in New Report

As the new Commission report shows, the situation will only get unimaginably worse unless we forthrightly oppose these people and agencies.

[] The LGBT movement's depraved obsession with children and vulnerable teenagers does not have an end point. The new issues that will come up in the legislatures and schools across the country are more obscene than ever....(more)

Trump Says Last Millisecond Head Tilt to Read Chart on Illegal Immigration Stats Saved His Life (Slow-Motion Video)

"I spoke to OUR President last night. He is doing well and as STRONG AS EVER. Thank God he is ok! If you ever wondered, your questions have been answered last night, he IS the WARRIOR this country MUST have to survive. God Bless Trump and God bless the USA!!" -Rep. Ronny Jackson


Former Fire Chief Killed at Trump Rally Used His Body to Shield Family from Sniper

(Buffalo Township, PA) — [AP] The former fire chief who was killed at a Pennsylvania rally for Donald Trump spent his final moments diving in front of his family to protect them from gunfire that rang out Saturday during an assassination attempt against the former president. Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro confirmed Sunday that Corey Comperatore, 50, had died a "hero," using his body as a shield to protect both his wife and daughter from the bullets... "...He loved his family. He truly loved us enough to take a real bullet for us....(more)

Secret Service Identified Rooftop Next to Trump Pennsylvania Event as Security Vulnerability Days Before Rally, But Still Didn’t Secure It

"Someone should have been on the roof or securing the building so no one could get on the roof." -former senior Secret Service agent who was familiar with the planning. [via NBC]

[] The Secret Service identified the rooftop next to Trump's Butler, Pennsylvania event as a security vulnerability days before the rally according to a new report by NBC News....(more)

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Praises Trump for His Response to Saturday's Assassination Attempt

[] Amazon founder Jeff Bezos offered praise for former President Trump after the attempted assassination of the former president on Saturday, lauding his "grace and courage" ... "Our former President showed tremendous grace and courage under literal fire tonight. So thankful for his safety and so sad for the victims and their families," Bezos wrote in a post on X... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here(more)

Prophecy Foretold Attempted Assassination on Trump Months in Advance

"I saw Trump rising up, and then I saw an attempt on his life ... This bullet flew by his ear..." -Brandon Biggs

[] On March 14, 2024, a podcast interview was posted on Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries YouTube page....(more)

Donald Trump Injured in Assassination Attempt at PA Rally: 'God Protected President Trump'

"The outpouring of love and support for my dad is deeply appreciated. Thank you God for keeping my father alive. Political violence is never the answer. God bless the secret service and law enforcement who fearlessly intervened. Please include the families of the victims in your prayers. As you saw today, my father is a fighter and he will continue to fight for you and the USA." -Tiffany A. Trump, via X

[CBN News] Donald Trump was injured in a likely assassination attempt during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday night....(more)

Elon Musk Warns on X That Voting Machines and Mail-In Ballots Are 'Too Risky'

[] Billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk has criticized mail-in voting and voting machines as being "too risky" on his X platform, formerly Twitter. "Electronic voting machines and anything mailed in is too risky," Musk wrote, adding: "We should mandate paper ballots and in-person voting only." Musk, who also owns SpaceX and Tesla, shared several reports on security concerns around voting machines over the past decade... (more)

Texas Gov., Lt. Gov. Hits Back at Biden’s ‘Lies’ About Being Unable to Contact Them for Hurricane Beryl Resources

[] Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) have accused President Joe Biden of lying after he claimed he was unsuccessful in reaching state officials to secure disaster resources for Hurricane Beryl ... "I am disappointed that President Biden is turning Hurricane Beryl into a political issue. We had a cordial call today that ended up with him granting my request for a major disaster declaration. But that's not good enough for him. He is falsely accusing me that I was not reachable," [Wrote Texas Lt....(more)

Pro-Life Song Propels Teen Up the iTunes Country Charts

"It aligned perfectly with our beliefs about the sanctity of life. We need more conservative messaging in the arts as the music industry is a very important part of today's culture war." -Patriot Mobile CEO Glenn Story

[] A song with a tender pro-life message has reached the top 5 on iTunes' chart for country music less than three weeks after its release....(more)

House Republicans Vote to Reverse Biden's New Transgender Student Protections: 'This Is About Standing Up for Women & Girls'

[] House Republicans voted Thursday to overturn a Biden administration rule bolstering federal nondiscrimination protections for transgender students, the latest GOP victory over changes made to Title IX, the civil rights law preventing sex discrimination in schools and education programs that receive government funding ... An identical resolution is unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled Senate, however, and the White House this week said ...Biden will veto the resolution if it reaches his desk... (more)

California Insanity: LGBT Activists Speak Out AGAINST Bill That Would Make Child Sex Trafficking a Felony (Video)

"LGBTQ activists speak out against SB1414, a California bill which would make it a felony to purchase children for s*x. They claim it will affect LGBTQ people more. When they tell you who they are, believe them." -Libs of TikTok

[] In Gavin Newsom's California, protecting children from sex trafficking is controversial....(more)

Study Reveals Electric Vehicle Batteries Are Source of Hazardous 'Forever Chemical' Pollution

[] A new study published in Nature Communications has uncovered a concerning link between lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in electric vehicles, and the spread of harmful per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as "forever chemicals" ... PFAS have earned the moniker "forever chemicals" due to their persistence in the environment and their potential to accumulate in living organisms... (more)

Proud Dad Trump Introduces Son Barron at Florida Rally, He Receives a Standing Ovation

"He's my boy ... he's a very special guy." -President Donald Trump

[Breaking Christian News] President Trump held a rally this week in Doral, Florida, and during his speech, he took a moment to introduce his youngest son, Barron....(more)

John Deere Exposed: Famous American Company Soaked in Disgusting Wokeness According to New Report

[] ...Filmmaker Robby Starbuck has made it his mission to root out and expose submission to radical leftist policies by corporations, especially those that rely so much on normal Americans for their success. Starbuck's recent investigation and expose of Tractor Supply Co. forced the company to abandon its DEI programs and walk back any connections to leftist politics, vowing instead to focus on real American priorities. Now, fresh off his win, Starbuck has turned his attention to John Deere, and what he discovered is massively disappointing....(more)

Hospital Worker: California is Pushing Radical 'LGBTQ+' Training on State Employees

The California Department of State Hospitals is forcing employees to complete 'LGBTQ+ training' that includes promotion of LGBT 'identities' like 'pansexual' and uses woke activist terms like 'sex assigned at birth,' according to a hospital worker.

[] "It's time to expose Tractor Supply," began the (more)

June Unemployment Rate Highest Since Nov. 2021, Past Job Gains Revised Downward

June's seasonally-adjusted 4.1% unemployment rate wasn't just up from May's 4.0% level, it was also the highest monthly unemployment rate since November of 2021 (4.1%).

[] June's unemployment rate rose to the highest monthly level in 31 months, hitting 4.1%, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Friday....(more)

Manhattan Jews Have Marched in Support of Hostages Every Shabbat Since November 4th

"If people saw the faces of the hostages and their humanity ... that would raise empathy in a way that crossed political lines." -Michelle Sarna

[] Michelle Sarna and her family were visiting Israel to celebrate her mother's birthday last year when Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7....(more)

The RNC Unites with Trump's Vision for America, Approving Brand New Platform of 20 Winning Promises

"It's simple, easy to understand and popular. We have the support of a majority of American voters on each and every plank. I'd argue a MEGA-majority! I dare Democrats, or the liberal-biased media to find one issue the majority of American voters disagree on..." -Wayne Allyn Root, Assistant Editor for The Gateway Pundit

[] On Monday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) Platform Committee (more)

Biden Administration Sent Illegal Immigrant Children to Homes of Suspected Criminals, Traffickers: Report

[] Many unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally were sent to guardians or sponsors in the US who were using the children for criminal purposes, such as labor trafficking. Government officials repeatedly ignored concerns from lower-level workers who warned about placing minors in certain households, per a report from the Wall Street Journal. The Biden administration overlooked these concerns in an attempt to avoid the appearance of holding minors in immigration facilities... (more)

Over 1,600 Doctors and Scientists Call for 'Immediate Suspension' of COVID Shots

More than 26,000 people, including 1,600 doctors, scientists, and academics, have signed onto the 'The Hope Accord,' warning that 'the widespread rollout of the novel Covid-19 mRNA vaccine products is contributing to an alarming rise in disability and excess deaths.'

[] A group of over 1,600 medical doctors, scientists, and academics have signed a statement calling for the "immediate suspension" of the mRNA COVID shots....(more)

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Trump Picks JD Vance as His Running Mate

Vance is a natural ideological fit for Trump, particularly on border security. Vance repeatedly has warned about the consequences of illegal immigration and has loudly supported funding the completion of Trump's wall along the US-Mexico border. Vance has opposed experimental transgender medical interventions for minors...

(Milwaukee, WI) — [] Former President Donald Trump selected Sen. JD Vance, an Ohio Republican, as his running mate in the Nov. 5 presidential election....(more)

President Trump to Washington Examiner Reporter: 'Everything Changed' in the Moment He Was Shot

"...We talked a little bit about God and a Divine intervention, and he believes that that was that moment, and that he needed to rise to that occasion when he gave his speech." -Salena Zito

[Breaking Christian News] Washington Examiner journalist Salena Zito had been scheduled to interview President Trump following his rally in Butler, PA on Saturday. But of course that was preempted when a sniper attempted to end Trump's life....(more)

Newsom Signs Parental Secrecy Bill, Endangering Child Safety

"The state will take away your kids in California." -Elon Musk

[] The California Family Council (CFC) vehemently condemns Governor Gavin Newsom's decision to sign AB 1955, a bill that creates a government-imposed wall of secrecy between parents and their children. This legislation, passed by the California Legislature and now signed into law, allows schools to withhold critical information from parents about their children's health and welfare....(more)

Bear Grylls Says It's 'a Privilege' to Support Russell Brand's Newfound Christian Faith

"Faith and spiritual moments in our lives are really personal, but it is a privilege to stand beside anyone when they express a humble need for forgiveness and strength from above. Friendships when we go through tough times are worth so much." -Bear Grylls


'It Was God Alone': Trump Gives Thanks to God for Protecting His Life from Assassin's Bullets

"Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers yesterday, as it was God alone who prevented the unthinkable from happening. We will FEAR NOT, but instead remain resilient in our Faith and Defiant in the face of Wickedness..." -President Donald Trump, via Truth Social

[CBN News] Former President Donald Trump ......(more)

HUGE! Judge Tosses Documents Case against Trump; Jack Smith Appointment Unconstitutional

[] A federal judge in Florida threw out the prosecution of former President Donald Trump on Monday in the "documents" case because she ruled that Special Counsel Jack Smith had not been appointed in a constitutional or lawful manner. Judge Aileen Cannon granted a defense motion after ruling that Smith, who was not confirmed by the US Senate and was not a US Attorney when appointed, could not lawfully bring the indictment against Trump in federal court....(more)

GoFundMe Trump Authorized for Rally Shooting Victims Now Over $4 Million

[The Daily Caller News Foundation] —The GoFundMe campaign raising money for victims of the shooting at former President Donald Trump's Butler, Pennsylvania, rally raised more than $2 million in 14 hours, according to the fundraising website ... The campaign raised over $2.4 million by Sunday afternoon, surpassing the $1 million goal, according to the fundraising site ......(more)

Joe Biden Owes America (and Donald Trump) an Apology

Not once in his speech did he acknowledge that Democrats have taken things too far with their rhetoric against Trump...

[] It's hard for me to convey just how angry I am at Joe Biden right now. He literally had the nerve to sit in the Oval Office to address Americans on Sunday night and pretend to be the adult in room by calling on everyone to "lower the temperature....(more)

Elon Musk 'Fully' Endorses President Trump Immediately after Assassination Attempt

"Last time America had a candidate this tough was Theodore Roosevelt." -Elon Musk

[TheGatewayPundit] Elon Musk (more)

Dutch Sheets on the Assassination Attempt on President Trump

"There is zero doubt in my mind that prayer is why Trump is alive today. Zero. Many had premonitions and warnings from Holy Spirit, myself included, regarding an assassination attempt against Trump, and thousands of people have been praying for his protection..."

[] As we all now know, a 20-year-old man fired several shots at President Trump during his rally Saturday evening in Pennsylvania, nicking his ear, killing a man who covered his family, and critically wounding two others. This was the first assassination attempt of its kind on a president or presidential candidate since 1981....(more)

Dems Block the SAVE Act in the Senate, Leaving Door Open for Illegal Immigrants to Vote in Presidential Election

"...This is deeply concerning, considering that a recent study showed that noncitizens have ample openings to vote illegally. It found that anywhere from 10% to 27% of noncitizens are registered to vote, and 5% to 13% of noncitizens do actually vote in presidential elections, no less." -Senator Mike Lee

[] Senate Democrats blocked the passage of the SAVE Act, a bill crucial for enhancing the integrity of federal elections by mandating proof of citizenship....(more)

House Resolution Holding Garland In Contempt FAILS–Here are the 4 Republicans Who Voted NO

The measure would have fined Attorney General Garland $10,000 per day for refusing to hand over the tapes of Special Counsel Hur's Biden interview.

[] As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Rep....(more)

Persecuted Ex-Space Force Commander Calls for Eliminating Woke Ideology from the US Military

"You give your life and service to your country and the American people, and you're not doing it for the pay. You're doing it because you become (convinced) of the greatness of the American ideal. And ... senior leaders (then) say, 'We want you out of the way because your view is not welcome here,' even as they pretend to care about inclusivity, even as they pretend to care about diversity, (but) not diversity of thought." -Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier


Outrageous: Biden's Defense Department Labels Well-known Pro-Life Organizations as 'Terrorist Groups' during Anti-Terrorism Briefing

"Keep in mind they're not labeling them as extremist organizations (which would still be crazy), but as terrorist organizations. The military and Dept of Defense are insanely out of control. Service-members are being indoctrinated to view Pro-Life groups as the enemy." -Citizen journalist, Sam Shoemate, or @samour, on X


SHAMEFUL: 198 Democrats Vote against Legislation Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote

"Why are Democrats so adamantly against ensuring only American citizens vote in our elections? They want to turn illegal aliens into voters. We must pass the SAVE Act to prevent this." -Speaker Mike Johnson

[] Headline says it all. (Screengrab image: via House....(more)

Ben Shapiro Exposes Media 'Cartel' Censorship against Truth in 'Firey' Capitol Hill Testimony

"We're in the midst of a trust crisis in the world of media, which is because so many in the legacy media have lied in order to preserve left-leaning narratives. To take just the most recent example, we were told by the legacy media that [Joe] Biden was just fine. For years, anyone who questioned his health and mental fitness was trafficking in cheap fakes. And then ...Biden went out and engaged in a full-scale mental collapse on stage in front of hundreds of millions of people. So we can see why Americans, at least Americans who are not Democrats, do not trust the media..." -Ben Shapiro


Virginia Breaks Free From California's Electric Vehicle Mandate, Thanks to Governor Youngkin

...The previous administration in Richmond (then-Gov. Ralph Northam) put Virginia vehicle policy in the hands of Californians.

[] Lord, we pray that You would put an end to senseless electric vehicle mandates that only harm manufacturers and consumers. We thank You for empowering Governor Youngkin to free his state from these mandates....(more)

This State Is Publicly Seeking God after Governor Declared 31 Days of Prayer and Fasting

"Everything that we're doing in our country is not changing anything. And they (lawmakers) realize that the one element that's missing is the presence of God in our relationships—in our meetings and across America." -Pastor Garry Martin of Jackson First Assembly

[CBN News] A powerful prayer movement is springing to life in America's heartland. People in the state of Tennessee are engaged in 31 days of prayer and fasting during the month of July to "seek God's hand of mercy and healing....(more)

Ignoring Parents' Objections, Virginia County's School Board Unanimously OKs Gender Ideology Lessons for Kids

"It is the board's modus operandi to wait until we're not paying attention to pass the things that we object to the most." -Stephanie Lundquist-Arora, a Fairfax mother

(Fairfax County, VA) — [] A Northern Virginia school district will teach kindergartners about gay parents and middle schoolers about transgenderism in the wake of a unanimous vote late last month—despite significant parental opposition....(more)

Schools Hanging Up on Smart Phones: Study Shows the Devices Change Brain Response

"Our research demonstrates that checking behaviors on social media could have long-standing and important consequences for adolescents' neural development, which is critical for parents and policy-makers to consider when understanding the benefits and potential harms associated with teen technology use." -Co-author of the UNC Study, Mitch Prinstein


Personal Income Fell $24B in California as Prosperous Flee, Poorer People Enter

"California's state-funded, non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office found the private sector lost 154,000 jobs and the public and public-supported sector has gained 361,000 jobs since the peak of the state's labor market in September 2022. This means on net, the state's 207,000 job increase in employment since September 2022 has been from growing government-related hiring." -Center Square


106-Year-Old Woman Points to 'My Lord' and Music as 'Secret' to Long Life

"Well, my dear, there is no secret. My Lord has just made me that old..." -Hulda Erdman

[] Hulda Erdman turned 106 years old this month and, when asked for the secret to her longevity, the centenarian offered a simple yet profound response: "My Lord....(more)

House Dems to Fight GOP Bill Requiring Proof of US Citizenship to Vote, While Less Than 25 Percent of Americans Oppose It

[] House Democrats are planning to fight the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, set to be voted on the week of July 15, which would require state election officials to request proof of American citizenship before handing voter registration forms to applicants. The SAVE Act, which Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) has deemed critical to safeguarding the nation's elections from foreign influence, would require state election officials to mandate voter registration applicants provide proof of American citizenship ......(more)

Planned Parenthood Is a Leader in Transing Kids

Isn't it revealing that the same company that grew famous and profitable off killing unborn babies is now enthusiastically invested in transing children?

[] Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has found a new way to grow rich by abusing and exploiting America's children: cross-sex hormones for "transgenders....(more)

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